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We connect you with investors who want to help your business grow and succeed.

Finding investors has never been easier.


Simply fill in our online profile creator, provide details about your start-up business and the investment that you are looking for and be connected to matching investors.


Our database of investors will receive an email with key details about you, your business and the start-up investment opportunity you are seeking. If they choose to connect you will be put into contact with them.

Fundraising for Start-Ups

You've got the next big thing on your mind and all you need to bring your idea to life and change the world is... well, the funding.

How Hamster Helps Start-Ups

Leveraging the power of AI algorithms and extensive knowledge of the investing world, we can help you find the right investor(s) for your start-up. We team up with organizations at every stage of business growth to helps secure initial funding or provide you with the extra push that will make your idea a reality. Additionally, our experts will lend you a hand to provide you with guidance, support and additional start-up services to make the most out of your fundraising efforts.

Our Hamster Wheel algorithm is fully AI-powered and automatically matches you to investors who share your vision and match your criteria. We’re not looking for just ‘good enough’ – rather, we use 14 different criteria to find the best investors for your business’ unique needs.

To support you even further, we offer additional services including:

  • Valuation calculations and reports
  • Templates for pitches, business plans, financial model and more
  • Marketing, finance, and legal services
  • How do I join?

    Hamster is a technology platform that connects start-ups and investors who match based on our unique algorithms.

    Your Campaign

  • Register your start-up
  • Complete your profile
  • Built your pitch
  • Launch your campaign
  • How Hamster Helps

  • Match with an investor
  • We send your pitch
  • Investors registers interest
  • We connect you to meet
  • Why do I need to pay an entrance fee and a KYC?

    At Hamster, we believe in giving good ideas the opportunity to become great ones. As the gate-keeper to some of the leading investors and venture capitalists in the world, we are only looking for serious players to join our platform.

    We want to offer our investors high quality opportunities in the same way we strive to offer start-ups fantastic fundraising options. That’s why we have set up a threshold and implemented a basic authentication through KYC.

    We believe every successful cooperating is rooted in trust and the KYC helps convey to a potential investor that your good idea is backed up by your time, effort and money.

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